Health Data Project Toolkit a Guide for CA Health Data Ambassadors

II. Products Developed Using Health Data

Health data is a powerful tool when it can be used to create tools that support families, the work of key nonprofits and government agencies , and the broader public.

Examples of Products Leveraging CHHS Health Data

  1. Asthma Visualization Tool, which helps medical experts, government leaders and concerned citizens pinpoint environmental factors that contribute to higher asthma rates in California communities.

  2. WICit, a web app that used CHHS WIC Voucher data to help families easily figure out where WIC is accepted.

  3. New York Times Interactive Immunization Map which was built using CHHS Immunization data, and enabled an informative, interactive map that could help the public easily find out the vaccination rate for every Kindergarten class in California.

  4. Fresno Bee, four part series on the state of Health in San Joaquin Valley mapping/visualizations including leveraging the CHHS data on Asthma.

Examples of National Health Data Tools and Products

  1. Yelp’s LIVES Standard, which brings restaurant health inspection scores to restaurant ratings.

  2. New York State - Nursing Home Data/Visualization, how New York’s first responders used open data on nursing home locations in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene.

  3. Chicago: FluShot Finder, a map-based web application that helps users find nearby clinics offering free flu shots by entering in their address or by using a GPS-enabled mobile device.

  4. Code for America: EBT Near Me, a map-based web application that makes it easy way to find stores and surcharge-free ATMs where you can use your EBT card in California.