Health Data Project Toolkit a Guide for CA Health Data Ambassadors

III. First Steps as a Health Data Ambassador

Key Questions & Your First Roundtable

Now that you have a foundational background, it’s important to undergo an assessment of the local landscape, get community buy-in, and understand the local talent, health issues, and available resources. With this information you should be able build your local support network and team based upon the community needs, roles and responsibilities you have as a Health Data Ambassador.

Key Questions

  1. Does your city have a Code for America Brigade?

  2. Is Bloomberg/Sunlight Foundation “What Works” active Your City?

  3. Does your city or county have an Open Data Policy or an open data portal?

  4. What does my county health department say are its priority areas - for example review a resource such as the LA County Department of Public Health 2013-2017 Strategic Plan.

Your Kick-Off Event

  1. How to plan and deliver a successful Kick-Off Roundtable

  2. Sample Sacramento Invitation

  3. Sample Fresno Invitation

  4. Sample LA Invitation

  5. Example target attendee lists: Sacramento, Fresno and Los Angeles

  6. Surveying invitees to craft the Roundtable agenda (from Sacramento)

  7. Sample internal roundtable agenda from Fresno

  8. Sample roundtable deck from Sacramento

  9. Sample roundtable breakout session framework

  10. Post-roundtable follow-up note and post-Roundtable event survey

  11. Post-roundtable Survey Results / Feedback from Sacramento

  12. Collecting and sharing the community feedback: Fresno community feedback